Impinj Speedway R220 Rain RFID Reader (2 PORT, POE OR AC POWER)


Speedway readers, the #1 selling fixed RAIN RFID readers in the world, speed time to market with superior performance and flexibility supported by the most powerful suite of software and deployment tools; streamlining installation, application development and enterprise adoption.</p><p class=””>Impinj Speedway fixed readers deliver item visibility with the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust solutions. Impinj gateways, reader chips, and readers enable bidirectional, wireless communications between applications and everyday items. With numerous form and deployment options, Impinj RAIN RFID connectivity devices offer flexible implementation to meet your unique needs.

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Impinj fixed readers are designed for RFID portal applications. These applications could include doorways, dock doors and conveyer belts. For best results, we suggest we suggest pairing these with Poynting or Flexiray antennas.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 31.2 × 23.7 × 7 cm

SA-ETSI (865.4 – 867.4 MHz), SA-FCC (915.4 – 919 MHz)